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Ultratalent is a talent management consultancy that provides people development solutions; specialising in management, leadership and sales performance.


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One of the big questions for organisations looking to develop their people is how do they ensure the learning demonstrates a tangible return on investment. This isn’t just about the training content or delivery, this has much more to do with the organisation’s context for the learning. Is the organisation’s culture and working environment conducive to people development activities – training, coaching and mentoring – in a way that cultivates and nurtures talent?

Know your north, south, east and west

Organisational Focus – looking at people development from the strategic perspective and ensuring that it fully supports the purpose, direction and values of the organisation.

Individual Focus – how are people development activities tailored to meet the specific requirements/learning style of the individual whilst fully supporting their contribution towards the organisation’s goals.

Delivery Focus – does the training, coaching and mentoring support the service delivery to the end user in a way that is aligned with the customer’s (and the market’s) expectations.

Compliance Focus – ensures the people development (and the organisation) is standardised, secure and ethical in all its practices – an organisation of which to be proud.

At the centre of all this is the facility for meaningful and systematic, closed-feedback loops that provide real-time updates, reviews and evaluations on both the quantity and quality of people development, in line with corporate objectives.

The way Ultratalent works with clients means that not only are the training and coaching activities tailored to meet their culture and environment – but they can also look at where they can improve their clarity and structure to ensure that investment in people development makes a positive and sustainable contribution to business success.





how will people development help
your organisation achieve its goals?


Here are 7 critical success factors you need to take into account:

1. Investment or Cost?  – whether you’re working in the public sector or the private sector, FDs and procurement professionals will be looking very closely at how money is spent on people development. You will need to have both qualitative and quantitative measures that demonstrate high levels of ROI (return on investment)


2. Training, Coaching or Mentoring? – this is not just a question of costs or logistics; high-impact 1-to-1 coaching and mentoring can have as high a return on investment in one hour as a full group intervention does in one day; consider the recipient/s, the subject and the context (see 70:20:10 below)

3. Tailored or Off-the-peg? – from a new-starter’s first day, right through to senior management development programmes, if you’re guilty of ‘sheep dipping’ then your training plan is more about compromise rather than adding real value to the organisation

4. Reactive or Proactive? – do you have to wait for the feedback from appraisals in order to assess what training is required (reactive planning) or do you have a long-term strategic business plan into which the L&D activity is critically linked (proactive planning)

5. Time-scales – when most organisations acknowledge they have a training need, they want it delivering immediately. This can often lead to poor preparation, inadequate planning and minimal follow up – then managers and participants alike wonder why the intervention falls short of the desired outcomes

6. Learning styles – training a group of field-sales people is different from training a group of customer service people. All groups have unique learning styles and the training material, content and delivery should reflect this in order to have optimum impact

7. Technology – in today’s world of smartphones and social media, few of us are ever very far away from new and exciting learning opportunities. In order for people development to contribute effectively to the strategic business goals – all channels need to be joined up, aligned and congruent

I engaged Jos to work with my leadership team to develop a more cohesive focus on performance management and to build on our service delivery. As we work in the extremely challenging field of specialist healthcare provision it was critically important that the course material was tailored to our requirements and I am delighted to say that Jos succeeded in this completely.
Jos has a wealth of experience and a flexible approach adapting his delivery style to suit our culture. Jos is genuinely positive in his nature and passionate about people development – I have no hesitation in recommending him.
Sally Yandle - MD at The Complete Group


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