Ultratalent provides bespoke solutions specialising in three key areas of people development: management, leadership, and sales performance.


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It has been a great pleasure and an incredibly successful and rewarding investment for PLG to work with Jos during our transformation. His structured approach, powerful insights and engaging personal style have enabled the whole leadership team from multiple countries and differing backgrounds to benefit enormously. Jos coaches and mentors the leaders in our business through an on-going collaborative workshop program and individual 1:1 development plans.

As a result we are successfully building a powerful, high-performing leadership team equipped with the skills to continue to drive the organisation forward. For any organisation seeking to develop its current executives and build its future leaders then I can wholeheartedly recommend Jos as the facilitator of the journey  

Adam Sherlock CEO - ProductLife


management development:

The first step into people management is often the most significant step that most people take in their career development. New managers frequently find themselves taking on responsibilities for which their previous skills and experience leave them inadequately prepared.


People management demands a very specific set of skills and behaviours most of which can be learned and developed. Whether a person is new to management or has been in post for some time and has had no formal management development – learning the key skills and behaviours will have a significant impact on their contribution and that of their team.

Management Excellence – training, coaching and mentoring on the following key areas:

Essential Management Skills

Building High Performing Teams

Managing Effective Meetings

Managing Appraisals and Performance Reviews

Managing Remote Teams/Working

Project Management

Managing Recruitment and Selection – Competency Based Interviews

Influencing Skills

Managing Courageous Conversations

Managing Change

Improving Engagement

Thinking Strategically

Productive Coaching Skills

Productive Time Management / Personal Effectiveness



Great leaders certainly inspire a lot of analysis and evaluation. There are numerous leadership theories around and shelves of books on the subject all trying to pin down those elusive qualities that make some individuals stand out from the rest. In a fast-changing world it is vital that organisations pro-actively identify and develop the leadership capability of their key people.


Leadership Excellence – training, coaching and mentoring on the following key areas:

Essential Leadership Skills

From Management To Leadership

How To Build A High Performance Culture

Leadership And Motivation

The Leadership Difference

Leading And Managing Remote Teams

Practical Mentoring Skills

Leading For Change

Improving Engagement

Thinking Strategically

Productive Coaching Skills

Building Your Personal Brand


sales performance:

In the current economic climate organisations are looking to their sales people to generate more new business and get more business from their existing customers against increasingly resourceful competition. Sales people today are coming from more varied backgrounds than ever before; many coming from technical and specialist fields or from account-managing or customer-service types of roles. As routes to market become increasingly sophisticated with complex multi-channel networks, sales people need to be more professional than ever in keeping ahead of the competition.


Sales Excellence – training, coaching and mentoring on the following key areas:

Essential Sales Skills

Selling Added Value

Leading and Managing Successful Sales Teams

Delivering Organisation-Wide Customer Service Excellence

Exceeding Customer Expectations

Winning Business By Telephone

Developing A Service-Led Culture

Key Account Management

Negotiation Skills